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We believe that childhood is a special, unique time of life, to be valued and enjoyed. At Gerringong Coastal Cottage, we understand that the ‘Early Years’ is a time for foundations to be laid for future health, learning and wellbeing.

Growth & Development.

At Gerringong Coastal Cottage we believe in providing children with the highest quality of care allowing for each and every child to reach their fullest potential, by enhancing all areas of growth and development, in a warm caring and home like environment that is a reflection of our children, families, educators and our community.


‘Being safe, Being kind and Being responsible’ are our Cottage values. Our vision is of the children Belonging, Being and Becoming within themselves, their family, their preschool and within the community. Belonging is knowing where and with whom you belong. Being is seeking and making meaning of the world and Becoming reflects the changes that occur as young children learn and grow.

Our sense of children is one of being capable, resourceful and competent learners, who are active contributors to their own learning.


We believe every child is developing a strong sense of their own identity and a sense of wellbeing as they experience the world around them. We understand each child is broadening their connections and contributing to their own world as well as being active participants in different relationships and communities. We believe that children become confident and involved learners and effective communicators in a supportive learning environment.


Young children have a natural disposition for learning; their individual curiosities are the foundation of discovery and exploration through play; which is interwoven through all developmental domains. We endeavour to create exciting learning environments that excite and enhance each child’s individual interests; and encourage continual opportunities for them to explore and experiment, create, investigate and wonder in.

Framework & Curriculum.

Our service is dedicated to reflecting the principles that underpin the National Law Act and National Regulations by educating educators and families of the law and also to implement the Early Years Learning Framework. We are committed to working within the National Quality Standards and implementation of our Quality Improvement Plan.


Our programme offers choice as well as a balance of structure/unstructured, experiences, outdoor/ indoor experiences, quiet/ noisy, music play, story time, multicultural, Indigenous education, Munch

and Move program, STEM, environmental awareness, drama play, health, nutrition and wellbeing, preparation to school program, nature play discoveries. Our routines are thoughtfully organised in

ways that maximize our children’s learning and development, in consultation with educators, children, families and community.

The program ensures the following 5 outcomes are achieved with children through the program, routine and the day.


These include:

• Children have a strong sense of identity

• Children are connected and contribute to our world

• Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

• Children are confident and involved learners

• Children are effective communicators


The above outcomes are achieved through the set principles, which are used to assist children to achieve the learning outcomes.


These include:

• Secure respectful and reciprocal relationships

• Partnerships

• High expectations and equity

• Respect for diversity

• Ongoing learning and reflective practice.

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